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Hypnobirthing is a full antenatal course that focuses on biology, mindset, education, preparation & the rights of Birthing people.

A course with me is no fluff, no flowers, it's fun, it's real and it's inclusive!

It's unforgettable and genuinely life changing! Don't take it from me check out what other people have said








Hypnobirthing is based on science, it's birth physiology, neuroscience, hormones.

It's knowing your rights, it's knowing what options are open to you and the benefits and risks of those.

It's building your tribe.

It's removing fear and anxiety.

It's taking control.

It's owning your birth.

Positive Birth - Positive birth stories - hypnobirthing positive birth

Hypnobirthing has proven benefits for pregnant people, their baby's and their birth partners.

Hypnobirthing Aylesbury
Aylesbury Hypnobirthing
Aylesbury Hypnobirthing
Hypnobirthing Aylesbury
Hypnobirthing Aylesbury - hypnobirthing stoke mandeville - hypnobirthing buckinghamshire
Hypnobirthing Aylesbury

Want to know more about the hours of teaching, the amazing resources, extra support, how to level up your labour and birth, level up your birth partner and your birth education! Then come to a free session or book a telephone consultation!

And don't worry if you know nothing about birth,  I've got you covered.

Private hypnobirthing courses - hypnobirthing courses aylesbury - stoke mandeville labour
Aylesbury Hypnobirthing
Hypnobirthing Aylesbury
Hypnobirthing Aylesbury
Hypnobirthing Aylesbury
Hypnobirthing Aylesbury

I'll Teach You...

  • How to feel calm, confident & in control of birth.

  • To trust your body's ability to birth the baby it's grown and nourished.

  • Learn the biology behind labour and birth, different stages and how you can react and feel in control

  • How powerful the mind-body connection is and the role it plays in labour and birth

  • How you can prepare your body for birth

  • Look at special circumstances in birth and how you can have a positive experience, no matter what your journey your birth takes.

  • Show you what real birth looks like - stop watching One Born Every Minute... stop that right now! 

  • Importance of birthing environment and how to create your perfect birthing environment looks like

  • I will empower your birth partner so that they know how they can play an integral role in your birth

  • Look at the immediate period after birth and options and decisions you will need to make

You Also Get...

  • Goody Box - lots of awesome little extras bound to put a smile on your face!

  • Continued support from me. I invest in you as people, I want to see your beautiful baby, I want to stay in touch and hear your birth story

  • Post natal support by the community

  • Labour resources including: Positions for birth, Birth partner cheat sheet & Birth bag checklist

  • Additional resources:

    • Pre-recorded:

      • Baby massage course​

      • Pregnancy and postnatal yoga tips

      • Breastfeeding workshop

      • Weaning​

      • Baby Wearing

I hold regular free intro sessions & masterclasses...

These are a great chance to sit down with your birth partner and find out even more about hypnobirthing, me and what you can expect from a course with me. Whether I'm the right kind of teacher for you. 

You can find out whether hypnobirthing is for you (it will be) and which of my courses best suits you.

Hypnobirthing Aylesbury
Hypnobirthing Aylesbury
Hypnobirthing Aylesbury
Hypnobirthing Aylesbury
Does Stoke Mandeville Offer Hypnobirthing?
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Hypnobirthing Aylesbury
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