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Private Hypnobirthing Masterclass

Online or face to face (depending on location)

6 Hour intensive interactive teaching covering:

  • Science - The biology of late pregnancy & birth, how mindset effects birth, how hypnobirthing works, C-Sections and Inductions

  • Rights & Decision Making - Knowing your rights in pregnancy, labour, birth & after, Tools to help you make decisions that are right for you & your family

  • Making Birth Easier - Positions for pregnancy & labour, Getting into labour & early signs

  • Relaxation Techniques - Positive affirmations, relaxations, visualisations 

  • Breathing & Labour Techniques

  • Birth Plan Prep

  • Extra Resources

  • Learn in a community of expectant parents, where you can support each other. 


Aylesbury Hypnobirthing
Aylesbury Hypnobirthing

Bespoke Hypnobirthing
This course can be tailored to you, if you have completed hypnobirthing previously, this is perfect! It will work as a refresher for the parts that you would like to cover again, or parts that may have been missing from your initial course. 

As this course is completely bespoke it'll be tailored to you every time and only offered on a 1:1 basis.

£45 per hour

Aylesbury Hypnobirthing
Aylesbury Hypnobirthing
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