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I gave birth to my 2nd son in August after doing the hypnobirthing classes with Amy.

I'd had a rather traumatic experience with my 1st and was EXTREMELY scared about giving birth again. However I was also very sceptical that this "Mumbo Jumbo" would help me.... How very wrong could I be?!!!

The course was GREAT! It was informative. It made me think about my choices and how I could be empowered by making my own decisions even during the labour.

It taught me different breathing techniques and when to use them.

It gave me confidence that I could be in charge and everything that happened the first time wasn't definitely going to happen again. And I had an amazing labour and birth!!

I don't think I'd have been this calm and together had it not been for doing hypnobirthing with Amy. She even went above and beyond as during my labour I actually messaged for some encouragement and was greeted by such positive comments.

Could not recommend this class and Amy more. I truly believe this is how I had a fantastic second labour and wished I'd done this with my first and maybe then I wouldn't have felt the fear and anxiety I had been left with.

Amy was an amazing coach. Calm and informative and really knowledgeable.  She is completely reassuring.

She has even answered questions between sessions.

Amy was so warm, friendly and welcoming and in the first session really took the time to get to know us. This was lovely and really broke the ice as doing these things on Zoom can be tough. In no time, it felt like we were friends and we felt really comfortable with her. The sessions were fun and light hearted but also covered a wide range of topics around birth and becoming parents. She showed us lots of lovely positive birth videos and got us involved in activities which meant we weren’t just being talked at all the time.

​Now I've completed the course I feel knowledgeable, capable and strong

Thank you Amy for your expert knowledge & time. We got on so well with you & you really appealed to our sense of humour, we felt so comfortable with you!

Thanks for all your hints & tips & homework ;)

we feel more prepared for birth now and excited.

We would 100% recommend Amy to anyone who is considering hypnobirthing & especially for all the birthing partners, it's a great course to get you on board with helping your other half in labour

As soon as we met Amy we felt at ease. She took the time to get to know us and was so warm, friendly & funny.

Hypnobirthing helped me to keep focused during contractions and also helped me to make informed decisions throughout my labour & birth. I couldn't recommend it enough! Thank you Amy for guiding us throughout our pregnancy!

Hypnobirthing made me a much more confident birthing partner! I had all the tools to support Gabs the best way I could. Thank you Amy for helping me be the best birth partner I could be.

Amy is incredibly knowledgeable & her sessions are so informative and real about the science of birth & her strategies of how to stay calm were invaluable when labour began. It was great for my husband to be able to join in on the sessions as he then felt involved & empowered to be the best birth partner he could be when the time came. I was truly able to apply everything we learned with Amy when completing my birth preferences then again when the time came. The breathing techniques for in between & during surges kept me so calm once things ramped up and I was able to make informed decisions when twists and turns of birth happened.

'I got dragged along expecting some hippy s**t but ended up being very useful, modern, fun & educational to help my partner & I with the upcoming birth of our son!'
- Previously sceptical dad-to-be

Thanks for being so helpful, welcoming and supportive. Your knowledge is fantastic!

Hypnobirthing has been amazing for me and my partner! We have so much more knowledge now and we are confident and excited for the labour/birthing process. Thank you Amy for changing our views on labour and making our sessions fun. We can’t wait to share the news of our new arrival with you x

Aylesbury Hypnobirthing
Aylesbury Hypnobirthing
Aylesbury Hypnobirthing
Aylesbury Hypnobirthing
Aylesbury Hypnobirthing
Aylesbury Hypnobirthing
Aylesbury Hypnobirthing

My wife wanted to take this class and I was sceptical but I could not have been so wrong. It was amazing and anybody preparing to go threw labour with there partner like me for the first time. This is the course to do it has given me the confidence to understand the process and how I can be the best birthing partner for my wife.

Aylesbury Hypnobirthing

I'd recommend hypnobirthing 100%! It's opened my mind to so many things relating to birth and how to go into it in a completely positive and calm mind frame. I'm equipped to handle different situations and Amy really helped with that. She gave us time to voice our worries and then suggested strategies for me dealing with them. I really enjoyed the couple of hours every week dedicated to thinking about us and the baby! Things can be so busy sometimes and I'm so glad we took the time to do this!

Aylesbury Hypnobirthing

The midwives commented on how calm & in control I was throughout & I put that down to my hypnobirthing techniques. I would thoroughly recommend Amy for any soon to be parents!

Aylesbury Hypnobirthing

Amy was just amazing down to earth and a great communicator, the class was lots of fun and made me and my wife not scared of labour but exited for it keep up the amazing work Amy!

I feel really positive about everything birth related even the things I find frightening. I feel like I'm equipped to handle a situation that I've planned for or not. I have lots of techniques to cope with lots of scenarios. I feel so much more confident about what my choices are and how to advocate for myself! I now know what my options and choices are and I'm confident in voicing them.

Aylesbury Hypnobirthing

After doing the 1:1 Hypnobirthing Course I feel a lot calmer, more in control and able to keep and maintain that control.

With the confidence to ask questions once in labour and before.

Weird to say but I've gone from terrified before Amy's course to looking forward to putting what we have learned in to practice.

Amy is so friendly it's like sitting down for a chat with an old friend, with the bonus of getting a great educational course at the same time that has left me feeling much more prepared for what is to come.

Thank you Amy.

I did not think about the 4th Trimester and how vital the course content surrounding that would be.

Aylesbury Hypnobirthing
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