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Why hypnobirthing isn't just for pregnant people but birth partners too!

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

When I first mentioned hypnobirthing to my husband (who was my birth partner) he was sceptical to say the least. This has gone full circle and he was actually the one who told me to go for it and train to be a hypnobirthing teacher. So I thought, it would be good to get a birth partners take on hypnobirthing and the benefits that he felt. So I decided to sit down and talk to my husband... (strange right!?!) anyway, I thought I would share our conversation with you all.

Hi, let's cut to the chase, I want to talk about birth.... again! (He's obviously over the moon at this!! - All jokes aside, he's actually incredibly supportive and has been the whole way through our relationship - except for my veeeery brief stint when I considered becoming a plumber - I digress!)

How did you feel about labour and birth when you found out we were expecting a baby?

Not worried, but it's a scary time. That there may be complications. Mostly I was excited to meet our baby.

What was your first reaction when I first spoke to you about hypnobirthing?

At first I was a little confused, I'd never heard of it before and didn't know what it was. I thought it would be a bit airy fairy and wouldn't really work.

How did you find the course itself?

I wish I'd made more time for it, I think that had we done a course like the one you are now running, I would have been a lot more committed to learning and would have carved out more time for it. I struggled as I was working so much at the time.

After the course how did you feel about labour and delivery?

Less worried, I was less nervous because you were. Being our first baby I didn't know what to expect but I did have tools under my belt to help you during labour.

How do you feel hypnobirthing impacted the labour and Finn's birth?

Finn was definitely more relaxed as a newborn and probably still now. You were really calm during the whole thing.

How do you feel hypnobirthing impacted your abilities as a birth partner?

It gave me an idea on what to do. Before I had no idea. Without the course I wouldn't have known where to start. Men don't tend to talk about birth or have things explained to them. At no point does anyone tell you what you can do to help and support mum.

Looking back how do you feel about my labour and birth with Finn?

I think it went really well, it was mostly relaxed. I think we should have done more practice and next time round I want to be more involved in the course.

I expect I can squeeze you in for a refresher!

Thanks, I think a face to face course with mum and birth partner carving out time to concentrate on the birth prep and relaxations would give the best experience and I wish I had been move invested in that.

Would you recommend hypnobirthing to a friend? Would you talk about the benefits to your friends who may be expecting babies?

I already have recommended it! It helps make the labour and birth more relaxed and the breathing and counting really helped you manage the surges and gave me something to do!

Should we have more children would you use hypnobirthing techniques again?

Of course, you've told me that we have to! To be honest, I'd start again and really put the time into the learning and the practice. I definitely feel we would have gotten more from a face to face course with an instructor, we would have been held more accountable to do the homework and practices too.

Is there anything that would have helped you prepare more? Or that would have helped you in labour?

Just having a face to face instructor really and making more time for practice. Prompts and reminders of what to do during labour would have helped as well.

Anything else?

I think it was really good that we worked through the birth preferences together and spoke about all the decisions we were making.

You really were an amazing birth partner! Thank you!

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