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What is hypnobirthing and what makes it different to any other antenatal course?

Hypnobirthing is for all births and all families, positive births don't look a certain way. It's all about how you feel - if you feel positive about your birth then that's all that matters!


Significantly shorter labours - Jenkins MW Pritchard 2005 study showed that the average length of labour (particularly 1st stage) is significantly reduced.

Reductions in C-sections & Instrumental deliveries - Various studies have shown a reduction in both emergency and elective c section rates. A 20% reduction in instrumental births, and a significant reduction in epidural rates (between 22- 77%).

Harmon etc al & vandevusse etc al found that there was an increase in spontaneous birth and apgar scores and a reduction of medication used.

More positive experiences and less pain - Other studies have looked at the experiences described by Birthing people - a Davidson study showed a significant increase in the people describing labour as a pleasant experience with no or only slight pain being reported. (53% compared with 33% describing it as a positive experience and 6% reporting low or no pain in the control non-hypnobirthing group.)

Hypnobirthing isn't a new thing Davidson said as far back as 1962 that 'hypnosis should be used in obstetrics more widely than it is currently'


Fear not, the hypnosis that we talk about is self hypnosis which is a really amazing state of relaxation - just like that period before you completely wake up or as you're drifting off to sleep.

From the moment we find out we're pregnant many of us spend hours googling, second guessing and questioning ourselves, hypnobirthing will help you learn to trust your instincts. You'll also learn where and how to get evidence based answers to your questions.

Hypnobirthing focuses on preparing you to have a positive birth. Because I believe that not all that matters is a healthy baby, that's the bare minumum! What also matters, a lot, is that you have a positive expereince that you walk away from birth feeling like an absolute champion!

A hypnobirthing antenatal course with me is based on the below 5 principals:

  1. Biology

  2. Mindset

  3. Hypnobirthing Techniques

  4. Rights and Birth Options

  5. Being an Utterly Brilliant Birth Partner


In a hypnobirthing course with me we'll cover everything from how the uterus works to oxytocin and the hormones at play during birth.

When you know what hormones are at play you can start to think about how you can harness them, how when you choose your birth place you can work out where is going to support those hormones, where you're going to feel safe and where you'll be setting yourself up to have a calm, empowering birth experience.


How you feel about birth has a huge influence over how your birth pans out.

Because once you harness the power of your mind and realise how powerful that mind body connection is (hello... nightmares literally wake us up terrified and that's just a story our brain has told us)... Once you know how powerful you are, you are totally able to start believing that you are powerful and you can have a calm birth - however that looks for you.


I'm talking positive affirmations, affirming that you are powerful, you can calmly birth your baby, you are the best birth partner, you can do anything for 60 seconds. Visualizations, using visualizations to practice birthing your baby and give yourself a break from labour.

Breathing techniques for pregnancy, labour and beyond.


Because so few of us know what our options are surrounding birth! And there are so so many options! Knowing things like whether you can decline scans, tests or anything at all. Knowing you have the right to change your midwife or birth at home, can be really, seriously life changing.

This section of the course will really help you write your birth plan.


I hear from a lot of birth partners telling me that they don't want to feel like a spare part and that they are nervous and unsure what they can do to help.

That's where I come in, birth partners you are involved, not just in the birth but also in the full hypnobirthing course. Because this is a big event. Knowing how you can help at birth is so important. And you deserve to have a great experience too.

Are you ready to take your birth prep to the next level?

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