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Hypnobirthing What is it!? - Hypnobirthing Wales, Hypnobirthing Online, Hypnobirthing EVERYWHERE!

Hypnobirthing courses, what are they? Where are they? Why is everyone telling me they're amazing? Read on to find out more...

Hypnobirthing Antenatal Courses, cover a lot of the stuff your traditional Antenatal Courses cover, the difference is that they are people centred. They put you at the heart of the whole thing. They're not centred on NHS policies, they're not relying on the fact that pregnancy can feel so isolating and many people can feel so desperate to make friends that they'll spend hundreds on just trying to do so.

Although don't get me wrong creating life long friends is definitely an awesome side effect of a kickass hypnobirthing group course!

It's part of the reason to come along and to book onto a group hypnobirthing course but not the only reason... oh hell no! Definitely not the only reason.

If you're looking for a shit hot hypnobirthing course in Carmarthen and the surrounding areas look no further. I will bring and engaging, exciting, fun and interactive course that is filled to the brim with evidence based info that goes through just what your rights are, pros and cons, relaxation techniques, how your body & baby is ready to boss your birth even if your brain isn't (We'll work on that!)

Hypnobirthing for birth partner:

Hypnobirthing isn't just for Birthing person either it has proven benefits to baby and birth partner (by learning together - unlike some Antenatal courses - you both know what to expect, you have skills you can both use, you can fully support each other).

Hypnobirthing for baby: Yeah big claim right, that hypnobirthing will benefit your baby! It's true! Babies born to parents who have used hypnobirthing tend to be calmer, better feeders, better sleepers and have higher apgar scores! Impressive. For a full list of what you can expect when you come along to a full hypnobirthing course head over to If you're keen on a full kickass hypnobirthing course in Carmarthen, Swansea and surrounding areas then head no further. I offer hypnobirthing courses that are no fluff, no flowers, no woo, just wow! They are unadulterated, fun and inclusive! To book a spot on the August hypnobirthing course in Carmarthen's Nurture Centre click here.

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