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Positive Vibes Only!

Positive Vibes only please!

You see it all the time, the minute a couple find out their expecting they are bombarded with stories about traumatic births. We need to stop this! Why?!.....

Ever heard of the subconscious mind? It's an amazing thing working as a storage unit for absolutely everything we've ever seen, smelt, touched, heard, you name it we store it there. And it's fantastic, on a very basic level it allows us to use all that information in a survival situation. For example, you see a tiger in the road (unlikely to be roaming the streets of a town near you, but bear with me) this is an unusual situation for most of us at least. As we are not faced with this often (thank God!) our subconscious is called upon to fill in some blanks regarding how we should react to this. Our subconscious pulls forward the things it has stored relating to tigers (I'd like to imagine in a very David Attenborough on fast forward sort of style) and allows us to react in the most appropriate way and the way that is most likely to help us survive. This is likely to trigger our fight / flight or freeze mechanism as tigers are well known to be partial to a bit of meat, and you are a walking piece of meat to this bad boy! 

What on Earth does this have to do with hypnobirthing... Well the subconscious mind (great as it is) has one pretty large flaw, it cannot distinguish between perceived threat and actual threat meaning that when we apply this to birth, we pull through pretty unrealistic images of birth, triggering the same fight, flight or freeze reaction. When this happens adrenaline is released and adrenaline is not helpful for birth. It actually makes your body tense and experience more pain.

Hypnobirthing works by replacing those images in your subconscious with positive, calm, more realistic images of birth. It teaches you how to remain calm and we know that a calm, relaxed mumma will birth more easily.

So next time someone starts telling you about their dramatic labour, stop them.  Positive vibes only please.

And perhaps together, we can stop the fear of childbirth. 

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