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Introduction to Hypnobirthing

What should I expect from a introduction session?

A basic over view on what hypnobirthing is, why it works and the science behind it. A breakdown of the courses I offer. An insight into myself as a practitioner. A chance to ask questions and find out how I can tailor your course to suit your requirements, birth preferences and address your fears. A lovely relaxation. Some fantastic facts and stats about hypnobirthing.

When are introduction sessions held?

I hold these regularly, they are advertised on my social media pages (@thebirthingbubble). Should they not be at a suitable time for you please let me know an we can arrange a telephone consultation or video call.

I have questions now?

No problem, I understand first hand how exciting it can be when you find hypnobirthing and want to know more immediately! I'm always available to answer any questions by email, Instagram or Facebook message. We can arrange a telephone call or chat on there, up to you!

Why choose hypnobirthing?

I totally understand that having a baby can be a time with a lot of investments, that cot oooh, that pram ahh! But I'd like you to stop for a second and think about what is really important. What will you remember for the rest of your life? The way the travel system upgrade mean't that you could open it whilst holding a coffee or the way you felt giving birth. How you felt empowered? How you were excited to experience birth and how you didn't feel fearful approaching it? How you learnt skills that you were able to use not just in labour but in stressful situations, when making decisions and to help you sleep....

Yeah thought so, it's likely to be one of the best investments of your life... message me! You won't regret it!

Hypnobirthing teacher vs downloadable content and books?

Okay let's not beat around the Bush here, I know that there is a big price difference. But there are also huge, huge differences in what both are offering.

A hypnobirthing teacher (hopefully me) will be able to:

•Tailor make a course to suit your exact requirements.

•I get to know you! Meaning if I see a study that I think you'll benefit from, I'll share it. If you want to know more about home births in your area, I'll point you in the direction of support. Want a new book to read, I'll suggest it! Want a chat about how to sleep, your pelvic floor, which Netflix shows are great for labour!

•Provide you with personalised support surrounding your sessions. Having someone who's been there and can understand all the feelings can help validate your feelings approaching birth and parenthood. I am also always a message or phone call away. Want a chat to go through your birth bag, fine. Birth partner want to go through their role again, no problem. I'm here for you!

•Make you accountable. You need to do the homework, practice the techniques and discuss your wants and fears.

Having a teacher setting time aside for you to do this means you are way more likely to put the leg work in and the more you put in the more you get out.

•Q&As I always ensure there is time at the end of our sessions to address any extra questions.

•I am an RCM accredited hypnobirthing teacher - I'm constantly learning and sharing that knowledge with my clients. And I'm always excited to go and learn more so if there's a gap in my knowledge I'll go on my merry way to fill that and she it with you.

•I'm an open book, I'm happy to share my experiences of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Tips and tricks I've picked up.

I'm a person! I have dreams, ambitions and goals! And everytime you book a course through me I genuinely light up at the thought that I'll get to share this knowledge that will help another hypnobaby come into the world in a calm positive manner.

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