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Hypnobirthing Not Just for Birth - What The People Say...

Birth preparation that will start helping before birth and continue way beyond your baby's birth day.

I know, you hear it from hypnobirthing teachers all the time 'Hypnobirthing is an investment.' 'Hypnobirthing is a life skill.' ' Hypnobirthing goes way beyond the birth room.' And it's true, so very, very true.

I reached out to clients & hypnobirthing teachers to find out their favourite non-birth related hypnobirthing hacks!

Here's some of my favourites:

  • Staying calm - A quick round of breathing techniques can get you so ready for whatever the night may bring.

  • Anytime I need to make a decision - YES! I'm with you on this one. Anytime I need to make a decision out comes by my BRAIN

  • To teach my child to stay calm & calm down - This came up a lot! Teaching our children how to manage emotions is a huge part of our job as parents. Breathing techniques & light touch massage can really help children to calm down & deal with anger, anxiety, frustration, excitement the list goes on.

  • Tattoos - They can sure be a little ouchy and that nervous excitement before you start, the breathing techniques can help you remain calm. Also decision making skills can ensure your not going to regret your new ink!

  • Smear Test - Floppy Face, Floppy Fanny totally applies!

  • The dentist - Visualising yourself calm, confident somewhere you feel nervous can really help!

  • Running - To avoid over breathing, use affirmations to tell yourself how great you are!

  • Job interviews - Visualise yourself being confident, ready to smash it.

  • Helping my child to sleep - Anchoring tools to help my child know it's time to chill out & sleep

  • Mindset - The mindset change can open your eyes hugely to how much power you hold!

  • Breastfeeding - Seeing yourself through that latch, dealing with the discomfort.

  • Asking questions & gaining the knowledge - Empowering as f*ck that!

  • Pooping - Birth breathing will always help you to poop!

That's a lot of help from a little old course... Maybe I need to put my prices up! haha!

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