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Cynan's Birth Story - The birth of a third - A home birth during the pandemic.

Charlene & Luc took a 1:1 workshop course with me in January 2021 when they were expecting their third baby. They had attended NCT & hospital run antenatal classes with their first 2 children but wanted to investigate hypnobirthing to help with Charlene’s nerves following her previous birth experiences. They also wanted something less prim and proper and after attending a taster session with me they realised very quickly, that I was neither prim nor proper! Luc, like many of my birth partners, was sceptical to begin with but the taster won him over and they didn’t even need to discuss it and booked on right there and then!

Further to completing the course Luc noticed how there was a marked difference in Charlene, he noticed how much more settled she was than with previous pregnancies, how accepting that labour would be coming and not panicked like she was approaching the births of their older children. She was in charge, she felt in control and knew what was happening.

During the course we had spoken about the importance of language and Charlene and Luc had made the decision to refer to contractions as surges to help conjure images of opening and releasing. Charlene felt like this really helped and the midwives totally got on board with this.

The midwives really supported Charlene and Luc with the hypnobirthing techniques, reminding them to look at the affirmations. Charlene was also able to take control, telling the midwives as sensations changed and became more intense, listening to her body and telling them when she needed to change position or move around and to get the birth pool filled because baby is definitely on his way!

This time Charlene was able to vocalise her feelings, she felt less discomfort and they both had tools that they could use to help when labour began.

She knew the process of birth which helped her not to panic as she had with her daughters birth. The techniques and music really helped her to stay grounded and present.

As a birth partner, Luc was kept much busier this time round! Having more things in the armoury – breathing techniques, things to say, affirmations, making Charlene & the midwives laugh, filling the pool and playing DJ.

Music was a huge help for Charlene in her labour and they had different playlists for different stages of labour. She boogied her way through surges, helping baby move down and distract her.

Charlene & Luc decided to have a home birth with Cynan. Charlene woke up at 6am with some discomfort and went for a pee and things started getting more intense pretty quickly. By 6.30am the surges were 3 minutes apart and they decided to call the midwife.

The midwife came and around 8.30am the second midwife turned up and labour was progressing well. Charlene knew the stages of labour and was able to identify as things were progressing. At this point Luc started filling the pool as Charlene felt herself moving into transition and the second stage of labour.

After getting in the pool Charlene threw up and then Cynan was on his way. Her midwives and Luc were able to support her with her breathing techniques as she roared baby Cynan into the world. Baby Cynan was born to In The Arms of the Angels sung in Welsh! Stunning!

Charlene’s active labour lasted for 1 hour and 47 minutes

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