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Gruff's Birth Story - Hypnobirthing in South Wales - Glangwili

Hypnobirthing - Positive Water Birth - Gestational Diabetes

Sarah and Dan took a 1:1 Hypnobirthing Class with me. 1:1 Classes are truly bespoke and are tailored to each couple. We tailor the hypnobirthing techniques, affirmations and come up with ideas that will really speak to them as a birth team.

I had heard about hypnobirthing from various Facebook groups and had seen Amy’s post. We decided to join Amy’s hypnobirthing taster session and I asked my husband to join us to see if it was something we would be interested in.

We really liked Amy and thought her bubbly personality was great. We did a 1:1 hypnobirthing course with Amy and learnt so much! The key being getting all of those hormones flowing!! Dan found it so helpful as well because for mothers to be, we get information handed down from our peers. Men less so!

Amy was great at recommending services and other people, she introduced me to Kristy at Moksha Flow for some prenatal yoga to prep me for birth and further help with the mindfulness techniques.

Sarah, Dan & Gruff Bump Exploring South Wales

The decision making techniques taught during our hypnobirthing classes, were super handy when later on on my pregnancy. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and I knew that could make my birth choices difficult. Amy had kept in touch with me all the through so I told her about my diagnosis and she recommended a book on GDM (Gestational Diabetes Management) so I felt well informed, enough to ask for water birth and to understand the risks and benefits for them.

I went into labour a week before I was due to be induced (due to my gestational diabetes, I was in the process of considering delaying my induction and I knew I could ask for that due to the book and course). Prior to me going into labour we used some of the techniques we learnt to try and get things going (I’ll leave you to make your minds up what that was ;-)

Sarah & Dan: Expert Hypnobirthers

I’d had a feeling all week that things weren’t right, we'd learnt during the hypnobirthing that instinct could be an indicator that labour was starting! I woke Dan up at 6.15am and told him things were starting. Straight away he took my phone off me because he knew that it would distract me from my little bubble! We decided to just hangout in our bedroom and make it our little cave.

I had my birthing ball there, we used some techniques to keep my oxytocin going strong such as light touch massage. At 10am we decided to get in touch with the midwives who were happy for us to stay at home as long as I felt comfortable, the next ten hours was spent just like that. Watching tv, me alternating between the ball and leaning over the bed to ride out the surges.

As it got to late afternoon I felt my surges coming stronger, and I went into the shower to help with the pain. Breathing through all the surges, in for 7, out for 7. I came out of the shower and had an almighty surge and suddenly pop! My waters broke on the bathroom floor, well not quite to Dan’s dismay. We decided to call the midwives again, I must have sounded quite calm on the phone because they were happy to let me carry on at home or come in to be assessed. I felt in myself that things were changing (I’d thrown up whilst on the phone!) so decided we’d go in to be assessed.

The next 20mins (although felt longer) Dan got our things ready using Amy’s hospital list and off we shot to the hospital. I kept my eyes closed all the way down to keep myself in the zone. When we go there the surges were getting much stronger and I struggled to get out of the car and to the Triage ward!

When we got there and I was assessed they told me I was 6cm! So got straight into the pool! When we got to the room whilst I was having some bloods taken etc before being getting in the pool Dan spent the time setting up our environment with a playlist that we’ve been listening to at home, fairy lights and electric candles. During this time my surges were coming quite frequently and I used my breathing techniques to manage them.

When I got the go ahead to go in the pool it was amazing. Dan was stroking my back and almost immediately I felt the overwhelming urge to push. I was making lots of moo noises! After only 20 minutes baby Gruff entered the world! I had no pain relief, not even gas and air, I felt I had control over my surges at all times.

Dan admitted that he initially was rolling his eyes before the hypnobirthing taster but was a fully paid up member after. He felt like had had control and was able to support me!

I was so proud that I had got the birth I had hoped for. We genuinely can’t thank Amy enough!

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