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Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

Something I really should start shouting about more is the extras you get when you book a hypnobirthing course with me! Because there are loads!

A hypnobirthing course with me isn't just the course, the support doesn't end after the course, the hypnobirthing techniques you learn will continue to be useful long after you have your baby.

Hypnobirthing breathing techniques are really, really helpful for staying calm in labour but in every day life too.

Hypnobirthing relaxation tracks practiced in pregnancy get us into the habit of relaxing and helping your brain get used to switching off. This is an amazing skill for every day life. Once baby is here it can help you to squeeze in extra little naps and help you relax when times get stressful. Those relaxation tracks can also help calm down baby - winner!

But what are the extras I hear you say...

When you book a hypnobirthing course with me, whether it's online, face to face, private or group you get access to amazing resources and they're always being added to so... at the time of writing this blog post my clients get.... *deep breath*

MP3 Relaxation Tracks - for use in pregnancy, for use in labour, for birth partner (do not use whilst driving)

Relaxation scripts

MP3 Affirmations - for during pregnancy to remind you that your an absolute badass!

Positive affirmation cards - I mean, you really are a badass!

Rainbow baby resources - relaxation scripts, birth plans, affirmations, anxiety after loss action plan!

Templates - Birth Preferences, Birth Partner Cheat Sheet, Postnatal Plan, Before Appointment Checklist, Anatomical Term Preferences

Handouts - Hospital bag list, recipe ideas, information on big babies, breech babies, birth partner role, birth positions for labour, birth timeline, cesarean birth, home birth, hormones, induction pathway, menu of comforts, pain relief, post dates, stretch & sweep, things to remember.

Pre-recordings - Yoga, Breastfeeding, Sling Wearing, Baby Massage, Starting Solids

Birth Affirmation Colouring

Birth Stories

Support - from me, from the closed Facebook groups, from other course members. Tailored to what you want and need, want something that I don't have yet, chat to me and we'll see how we can include it.

Oh and a goody bag!

Wow! And breathe! That's a lot!

Not all Hypnobirthing teachers and courses are equal. Hypnobirthing courses with me prepare you for pregnancy, birth and life. Life with a new person.

Hypnobirthing courses with me are inclusive, they're fun! They take into account your personal preferences, I understand that not everyone's route to parenthood is the same! Let's celebrate our differences and raise each other up.

I also leave space. I leave space for you to empower yourself. Hypnobirthing is empowering, but it's all you!

I want you to feel like a champion, to feel like a boss, to have a positive story to tell that beautiful baby growing away.

If you want to know more about what I offer check out the courses page here, book a space on the guestlist at a free introduction to hypnobirthing session here or email me to book your free 15 minute telephone consultation.

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