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Edward's Birth - Hypnobirthing - Covid Birth

Positive Hospital Birth - Episiotomy - Hypnobirth

When Gabriella & Mike joined The Birthing Bubble's hypnobirthing course, they were feeling pretty calm about birth. They were excited, but wanting to know more and learn about their options and what to expect. Over the duration of the course they were amazed at just how much they learnt. By the end of the course they were feeling ready and prepared to be the best birth team, to make the right decisions and to meet their beautiful baby.

The night before Edward made his entrance into the world we had decided to visit some friends in their garden for some drinks (ours being soft of course) and time had gotten away with us. So at 2 am we made our way home, very tired and settled in for a nice long sleep...

Except our baby had a different plan.

At 5am I felt a slight wetness in my underwear and thought oh that’s probably just a little bit of wee or something and took my time before getting out of bed. But just before I got up, I felt a huge gush of water and thought to myself no it can’t be, can it? The baby isn’t due for another 6 days and they’re definitely going to be late.

I ran to the toilet to discover that yes my waters had gone and yes this was now really happening. We both got ready, rang triage and made our way to the hospital.

They confirmed that my waters had gone and contractions had started but were not strong enough yet so I was sent home (which I was very happy about).

Image Id: Gabriella & Mike 2

days before Edward's Birth

For the next few hours I had more regular contractions but nothing I couldn’t handle on my own.

So about 1pm we decided to take our pup out for a walk to see if we could get things really going. It was a beautiful day

outside which definitely helped boost my oxytocin. While out on the walk my contractions became stronger so we headed home to enjoy our Easter Sunday roast dinner.

While waiting for it to cook I had a bath to help ease my contractions. This helped for a bit but really wasn’t doing to the trick!!

So out I got and I decided to use my birthing ball and walk up and down the garden.

Between contractions (which were really starting to hurt now) I ate my roast dinner as I thought it was going to be a loooong night otherwise and Mike definitely needed his to stop him getting hangry.

At about 5.30pm I decided to head to the hospital. When we arrived I had to go in on my own to be examined, the midwives could see I was in quite a bit of pain so set up the gas and air for me. They did a vaginal examine and to my delight I was already 6cm dilated! I really thought I was going to be sent home again and I wasn’t going to be able to cope.

Image Id: My Baby, My Birth Partner

& I are a powerful team

Unfortunately I had pre-eclampsia in labour so my water birth was out of the window. But I knew this was best for me and baby.

Mike met me in our labour suite and he set up the room straight away. We dimmed the lights and put the humidifier on with some lovely eucalyptus in it. He reminded me to keep breathing through my contractions and used our affirmations to keep reminding that I could do this.

I think I had made it to about 8cm with just gas and air when I asked for something stronger. I had an injection of diamorphine (which I’m not sure did anything). I was just at the push and asking for an epidural (only during contractions) but never ended up having one. After about an hour baby’s heart rate had started dropping and so it was decided between us and the midwives that an episiotomy was our best way to help baby out.

After I’d been cut, I did two pushes and baby was out!

18 hours of labour from my waters breaking to him being born! Mike and all we had learnt during our hypnobirthing course gave me the birth of dreamt of (minus the birthing pool).

'Hypnobirthing made me a much more confident birthing partner! I had all the tools to support Gabs the best way I could. Thank you Amy for helping me be the best birth partner I could be.' - Mike, April 2021

Image Id: Edward Robert Max Adamson - Hypnobaby!

Our surprise baby came out a beautiful baby boy!

Edward Robert Max Adamson

Born 04.04.21 at 11.07pm weighing 6lb 6oz

Image Id: Edward, Gabriella & Edward & Mike & Edward

'Hypnobirthing helped me to keep focused during contractions and also helped me to make informed decisions throughout my labour & birth. I couldn't recommend it enough! Thank you Amy for guiding us throughout our pregnancy!' - Gabriella, April 2021

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