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Birth like Wilma Flintstone, The Virgin Mary & Cleopatra - Back to Basics - Ancient Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing techniques in childbirth are not a new idea.

Pain, fear, anxiety in childbirth is a pretty new fangled idea and something that really isn't serving us well.

Perhaps we can take a leaf out of the history books and birth like our ancestors.

If we look back at the times when little guys were being born to virgins in stables, babies were regularly born in less than 3 hours easily & comfortably.

If we look at the text books written by Hippocrates, Aristortle & Soranus you will not find mention of danger, pain & suffering... You will instead see the importance emphasised on deep relaxation to relieve any discomfort. Even if there are complications Aristotle

emphasised the importance of relaxation so that the complications could be treated and resolved.

They advocated for the importance of listening to the needs and feelings of the Birthing women they saw.

Our view on birth has changed hugely since then, you only need watch TV, talk to friends, family etc to see how far removed we are from seeing birth without fear, danger, pain and suffering. As a society now, birth is very much perceived as the thing we have to put up with to have our babies, something we must endure. But what if we took a leaf out of Wilma Flintstone's book and listened to our body's, our natural instincts and believed we could enjoy the birth of our children. (No wonder she looks so bloody smug!)

Could hypnobirthing be the answer to returning to our instincts? I think so and here's why.

By training our brains to relax more easily, by reprogramming or reframing birth to be normal (in the way Wilma, Mary or Cleo would have seen it) we go a long way to removing that fear. By understanding what's happening during childbirth we go another step further. By realising that we have the power, the power to make decisions and give consent, we're almost there!

We breathe... really breathe... it calms you... it relaxes you.... it allows your body to do the same!

Relaxations, visualisations, affirmations all help you to believe in something that Wilma knew instinctively, that body's know how to birth babies.

And that's part of the amazing thing with hypnobirthing techniques, Aristotle knew this stuff thousands of years ago (like 350bc).

So rather than seeing hypnobirthing as this new fangled thing that's coming in to change the way we birth. I like to consider it unlearning. Unlearning all the shit we've been told to scare us about birth. Let's go back to basics! Trust our body's and see birth for what it is, a bodily function!

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