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BirthFest 2021

Hi, I'm Amy! I love empowering and educating people to go on to have a freaking amazing positive birth experience.

When I discovered hypnobirthing I was! The name conjures up images of naked people bathed in moonlight birthing in a meadow surrounded by monks, right?! I went for it anyway and was so shocked when it hugely appealed to my logical brain!

For me hypnobirthing is like a festival - let's call it BirthFest... bare with me... bare with me... I'm going somewhere with this...

There's a load of different stages and tents with different acts on each. And the reason we've all bought tickets to be here will be different (like what I did there?!)

So my line up would look a little like this:

Main Stage - Science. Oh yeah! And there's a shit load of science to hypnobirthing. Why it works, how your body works, how your hormones work, it's all pretty mind blowing stuff. And definitely why I bought tickets!

Alternative Tent - Decision making & Rights - because obviously you have rights, obviously you need to give informed consent, but you need to know how to make those decisions & what your options are. I hear so many people say 'oh I wasn't allowed' or 'I had to...' uh no hun, you don't HAVE to do anything.

Dance Tent - Positive Affirmations - Yeah, I didn't think these were for me.... but when I was birthing my son, I remember thinking... I'm birthing with millions of people right now, so maybe they went in more than I thought,

The Pit - It's a deep dark place, it's the place that sees you through with techniques that your birth partner will learn. This is a place in your mind for real deep relaxation. Full of wonderful techniques that you'll use to deepen that sense of relaxation!!

So, Who's joining me for BirthFest 2021?

I'll drink to that!

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