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Are you ready?

This is such a commonly asked question when expecting and our minds often go to the cot, the furniture, the pram that cute bunny teddy and yes perhaps we are ready.

But I’d like to stop you for a second and ask are YOU ready? Do you know your options when it comes to labour & birth? Do you know your rights? Do you know how your uterus works? Do you know the impact your brain can have on labour? Do you know how your hormones are responsible for starting and stopping labour? Do you have a plan on how you can harness these and make these work for you? Do you know the benefits of being relaxed during pregnancy, labour & birth? Do you have tools to help you do this? Do you know about the fourth trimester – do you have a plan for it? Is your birth partner ready?

Hypnobirthing is often misconstrued as some fancy breathing techniques and not much more. This is simply not true. Hypnobirthing is a complete mindset change, it’s helping you to become ready, really ready. To remove the unknown, to be excited for labour & birth – yes excited!

The skills you learn will take you through pregnancy, labour & birth and reach out into other areas of your life.

I first discovered hypnobirthing when I, myself, was freaking out about labour & birth, and I experienced this complete mindset change. I believed in the power of birth, I saw it a normal bodily function, not a medical event.

Have you considered hypnobirthing as your antenatal education? Maybe you should because it might just change your life.

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