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Jaxon's Birth

Jaxon was born in hospital during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Tuesday 25th August I found some blood so took a trip to my labour ward. Was checked over and informed that I had a heavy bloody show but as long as the blood wasn't bright red and was mucusy there was nothing to worry about. Oh and I was 1cm dilated.

So off home I went.


Wednesday 26th; contractions began. They started becoming stronger, longer and closer together. My 3.5yr old was amazing I'd taught him the Easy Breathing so he was encouraging  me "Breathe Mummy, And Breathe out" he was even rubbing my back and face. My mum was also fantastic distracting my son and reminding me to relax and stay calm.


Eventually, because of knowing I was dilating the day before, I revisited the labour ward to check progression. My waters were still in tact although ready to go any minute and I was now 2cm dilated.  

I proceeded to request to go home where I was was happier and calmer with my partner and son.


I ate some dinner and went to bed. I woke a bit with surges throughout the night until 5am when I woke to go toilet (later found out this is probably when my waters broke) after this my surges became a lot stronger and I could no longer stay in bed, especially as I didn't want to wake my little boy (who wanted to make  sure mummy was ok so had to sleep with me having cuddles 🥰) or my partner.... I just knew it was going to be a long day.


So on the sofa I kept calm listening to the ocean waves and visualising my calm place. I did even manage to nap a bit in between surges. During the surges I listened to my body getting in a upright kneeling position and breathing away any pain.


Eventually, I called my mum asking to come look after my son, as I was approaching the point of difficulty with no pain relief.

She arrived to take over the care of my boy and I called the hospital to inform I was on my way.


** Due to Covid, I was told I would need to enter the hospital on my own to be assessed before my partner could join us if active labour was confirmed.**


1pm I was admitted being 6cm dilated with progressive labour.


**My partner was then able to join me**


Labour progressed fairly quickly. It was found that I had meconium in my waters and my pool labour could not happen... knowing this is always a possibility I was ok and remaining positive as I know the risks that accompany meconium waters.

The consultant and I had a chat about when my waters had broken (I wasn't aware before this that they had) but after discussing the night and having been assessed the previous day we were able to narrow the time down and able to avoid antibiotics. Once this had been decided the midwife removed the membrane that was still over baby's head, while doing this she also broke my rear waters (I just remember thinking the relief of pressure was actually amazing)


I was managing my surges standing or in kneeling upright position as this was more comfortable for me, unfortunately the monitor for baby kept losing contact so a head monitor was clipped on... unfortunately this was having the same issue so I was asked to labour on my back, with the empowered feeling hypnobirthing classes gave me, I actually asked why and if it was essential, I was told if I continued as I was then baby could be at risk and we may not know because the monitors were not able to do their job.

So on my back I went.

The position made things a LOT harder for me as I do suffer with lower back pain. But I kept reminding myself to listen to the baby's monitor to know why I was in this position, this helped massively.


I used gas and air, however, didn't like feeling light headed so used it intermittently up until delivery, where I stopped using it to focus on what my body was telling me to do.

When the time came for pushing I listened to my body and was even encouraged to do so by the midwife... I was now getting tired, my partner started the positive talk of "you're doing great" "you've done this before you can do it again" "calm and relax" "breathe"

When my back spasmed his arm went under me to help support me.


Eventually, I think I used J breathing with a elongated primitive growl and my amazing midwife letting me know when I needed to extend the pushing, to positively use the pain to push baby out. Eventually (felt like forever to me) my gorgeous baby boys head arrived into the world followed VERY quickly by his body, I looked at my partner who had tears rolling down his face And for the first time we heard our baby cry!

Daddy announced the gender and his little blue hat was placed on his head, he had a little wipe down (meconium waters removed) and nappy on. He was placed straight on me cord still attached.  

I was injected with syntocinon (a synthetic version of the hormone oxytocin) to help deliver my placenta


** this was agreed before and even included in my birthing preferences due to complications experienced delivering the placenta with my first born, where I experienced a haemorrhage during the third stage.**


I was able to have cord delayed by 45 minutes and then daddy cut the cord. Skin to Skin carried on being shared between me and daddy until about 9pm when I was taken to the postnatal ward.


**Delay of being moved to the ward  was only due to Midwifes being to busy and unable to do handover, but was nice as it meant daddy wasn't sent away so quickly**

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