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Online hypnobirthing
Aylesbury Hypnobirthing

Group online hypnobirthing course from the comfort of your own home!

Group courses are held on teams, this course is ideal for all pregnant people whether it's your first baby or your fifth, your birth team are split over different households or you would rather learn from the comfort of your own home (Pj's totally acceptable).

The Birthing Bubble is a safe provider for all families and has undertaken LGBT+ Competency training from The Queer Birth Club.

Each ticket bought accepts one pregnant person and up to 2 birth partners. Book through the link to pay just a £50 non refundable deposit to reserve your space with the remaining balance due 7 working days before the course starts, or contact me if you'd rather pay in full or if there are any other questions.


12 Hours teaching covering:

  • Biology- The biology of late pregnancy & birth, caesarean birth and inductions. Positions for pregnancy & labour, Getting into labour & early signs

  • Mindset - How the mind/body connection works and why harnessing your mindset is such a game changer in pregnancy, labour and birth

  • Rights & Options - Knowing your rights in pregnancy, labour, birth & after, Tools to help you make decisions that are right for you & your family

  • Relaxation Techniques - Positive affirmations, relaxations, visualisations. Breathing & Labour Techniques

  • Being a Brilliant Birth Partner - Supporting someone you love in labour and birth is a hugely important role and the whole course aims to educate Birth partners along with birthing people to ensure that they don't feel like a spare part and know how they can actively play an incredibly important role during birth.

As part of this you also get:

  • Practical Help - How to set your birthing environment, How important birth partners are, How to plan your ideal birth as well as variations on that

  • Special Circumstances in birth and how you can have a positive birth no matter what your journey looks like.

  • Positive Birth Videos

  • A Goody Box

  • LOADS of resources to help in labour: Positions for labour, menu of comforts

  • Printable Handouts: Big babies, breech babies, induction, birth and induction timelines, pain relief

  • Templates: Birth preferences, birth partner cheat sheet, appointment checklist, postnatal plan

  • A workbook to accompany the course

  • A shed load of extra pre recordings including, breastfeeding, baby wearing, baby yoga, baby massage & weaning

  • Support from the community, me and the gang.


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