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Aylesbury Hypnobirthing


Aylesbury Hypnobirthing

What is hypnobirthing?
Hypnobirthing is a full antenatal course, it focuses on mindset, biology and a pregnant person's rights. It is designed to leave you feeling powerful, positive and totally prepared to own your birth!

What do The Birthing Bubble's hypnobirthing courses entail? 
Hypnobirthing with The Birthing Bubble is based on the following 5 main areas:
Biology - Looking at the brain, the body, hormones and how they interact
Rights & Options - Knowledge is power and ensuring that you know what options and rights you actually have, knowing how you can make decisions and knowing how powerful you are, is gamechanging!
Mindset -  Relaxation techniques, visualisations, affirmations and reframing birth
Practicalities - Packing your birth bag, choosing a birth place, considering a doula, hacking your environment
4th Trimester  - Because this is the start of the journey not the end! And trust me you want to learn about this bit!


When to start hypnobirthing?
Most people start hypnobirthing somewhere between 20 and 28 weeks, ideally you want to be finished your course by around 35 weeks to allow you plenty of time to practice before baby makes their appearance. This being said there's no hard and fast rule. If you feel anxious start earlier - there's no point being anxious or fearful longer than needed. And if you're reading this and heading towards your due time fear not. There are fast track courses designed specifically to rid you of doubt and head towards your baby's birth feeling powerful and ready.

Are payment plans available?
Yes! I offer payment plans to all clients - starting at £50 non refundable deposit and the remainder due 7 days before the course starts.
If this doesn't suit you talk to me and we'll see what we can make work.

Is hypnobirthing available on the NHS?
Normally no. Hypnobirthing is not available on the NHS. Hypnobirthing is an investment but I offer a load of levels of hypnobirthing and aim to have something for everyone. You can find available options on the courses page here. I promise you, your birth is worth investing in!

How often do I need to practice?
Often, the good news is you can incorporate your hypnobirthing practice into your daily life and it'll soon become routine. Listening to positive birth stories in the shower, affirmations on your way to work, practicing breathing techniques and listening to a relaxation before bed. The homework with hypnobirthing is pretty amazing!

Can I use Hypnobirthing and birth at hospital?
Yes, Yes, Yes! Absolutely. Hypnobirthing is for every birth, everywhere, everyhow! 
My birth story and Gruff's Birth at Glangwili Hospital, Jaxon's birth at Stoke Mandeville Hospital and Edward's Hospital Birth are a perfect examples of how hypnobirthing can absolutely work in any setting. Once you understand how much hypnobirthing covers and what it entails you'll see how hypnobirthing can be applied to any birth setting.

Can Hypnobirthing help after a traumatic first birth?
Many clients that I have worked with come to me when they're expecting their second and third baby's. 
Chantelle talks so openly about how hypnobirthing was a game changer for her when she was expecting baby Jaxon. Learning how to stay calm and relaxed, learning how to advocate for yourself, what options you have and the support of a Hypnobirthing teacher like me and the community around us will open your eyes. No to pregnancies are the same, no two births are either.

What does a Hypnobirthing course entail?
A LOT! Many questions may be answered on the courses page, if there's any other questions please don't hesitate to book a free telephone consultation. 

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