Who Am I Anyway?!

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Hi!! I'm Amy (she/her) and I'm obsessed with birth!


I watched all of the shows, all of them! Which meant that when I became pregnant I was terrified. Hypnobirthing helped me turn my fear on it's head and become really, really freaking excited to birth my baby! And birth him I did, it was the most amazing experience of my life and nothing like what TV had lead me to believe. And I was so empowered by what I experienced that I had to share the message.

So that's why I started teaching hypnobirthing and why I trained not once but twice!

So who am I? 

I am enthusiastic and passionate and it's contagious. I'm keen on the 'gram! 

When you learn with me expect to feel empowered, expect to feel like you are an absolute champion, because you are!

I'm a mum of 1, a wife!

My guilty pleasures are dancing around the kitchen to Sean Paul, eating macaroni cheese, watching Friends, Greys Anatomy and scoffing chocolate cake!

I'm a twice qualified hypnobirthing teacher, first through Calm Births (RCM accredited teacher training) and then The Birth Uprising. What this means for my clients is that they get the benefits of both and a tonne of extra inclusive resources!

When you learn with me you get

Knowledge, by understanding the mechanics of birth, the hormones at play, the way your mind works. You will understand how and why you can do this. And why some of you may think you can't. (you can btw! ) 

Empowerment, choosing to invest in a hypnobirthing course is you empowering you!

Trust me you'll thank yourself! You'll know your options, your rights and some awesome tips and tricks when it comes to decision making (you'll use these way after baby is born!)

Support, not just from me, but a whole group of other champions that I've taught, you get to share the rollercoaster that is pregnancy and parenthood.

Relaxation, learn shortcuts for relaxing. A relaxed body births more easily, I'll explain how! 

Oh and breathing techniques!

And what does this all mean? This means that you can relax during your pregnancy, you can feel calm about your birth, in control, know what to expect and truly feel in the driving seat just as you should!

Hypnobirthing takes you from unsure, unprepared, scared even...

To in control, calm, confident and ready to own your experience.

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